young samurai

Young Samurais

Young Samurais is an initiative run the Bradford District specifically for young children between the ages of 4 and 6.

Developed throughout 2007 and refined in 2008, the Young Samurais syllabus has been devised as an introduction to the martial art Ju Jitsu, however the exercises and principles taught support other aspects of a child’s development.

We’re confident that following a review of the information provided here, you will be keen to bring your child along to one of our ever growing sessions to experience the benefit for yourselves.

What is involved?

Twelve exercise areas have been highlighted as areas of focus and development for Young Samurais. Designed to support Ju Jitsu from when they turn 6, the exercise areas will also provide benefit to other areas of your child’s day to day life.

Geared towards young children the exercises and syllabus have been structured in such a way that learning the new skills and techniques is part of an enjoyable, yet focused experience.

As regular encouragement, achievement and reward are significant motivators for young children, each exercise area has five tasks that allow each child to work towards goals on a week by week basis.

To help a child focus their attention and work towards specific goals a belt system is used

Bespoke Learning

The syllabus devised enables a Young Samurai instructor to work with each child specifically, thus facilitating bespoke training plans for your child. For example, should we identify that Coordination is of a particular concern, our instructors will invest time accordingly helping your child develop and refine their skill set in that area.

We believe a bespoke training plan is not only important but vital to the confidence of your child and their development. After all, there is no better feeling than the one we all get from achieving something we initially found difficult and perhaps impossible.

Why Jitsu

The martial art Ju-Jitsu is built upon many core aspects of movement, not just your own but that of a would be assailant. Whilst the minimum age for Jitsu in our style in 6, the Young Samurai syllabus ensures that we can accelerate a child’s understanding of the core principles prior to learning the art itself.

In our recent experience, those pupils who have graduated from the Young Sams class into the mainstream Jitsu classes have performed to higher and more consistent standard, than those pupils who start purely with Jitsu.

To this end, we are now enhancing our core Jitsu curriculum to include many of the exercises and techniques developed for the Young Samurai syllabus.

Skills for Life

As well as physical skill sets, you may have noticed that the Young Sams syllabus also covers aspects of a child’s life that perhaps needs a little focused attention outside of what they are used to.

Not only that, our instructors also cover off other areas that don’t form part of the syllabus such as, Tolerance, Perservience, Determination and in many cases acceptance/understanding.

This level of self awareness is not often focused towards a child so young, however we at PDSS are strong believers that children are able to learn about these core life skills, if not explicitly, but implicitly through the exercises and general interaction.

Your Involvement

The Young Samurai syllabus is not only about your child, but the parents as well. Many of the exercises and principles need to be covered daily if a child is benefit fully from their teachings. For this reason, we need parental involvement to ensure that they continue to develop outside of the classes.

What this means is that, each child begins to accelerate their learning without realising. You and I as adults will appreciate the benefit of repetition and how, when focused on correctly, it can support the acceleration of Learning.

What you need

Whilst not compulsory, we encourage each Young Samurai to purchase a training suit known as Gi. Wherever possible we aim to keep the cost of these suits as low as possible but accept that many parents choose to wait for several weeks whilst the children settle into the class.

The reason for the Gi, is two fold.

  1. to help a child distinguish, physically, between normal day to day life and the tie spent in class.
  2. To develop a sense of belonging and integration with others who wear the same outfits, irrespective of background, gender, ethnicity or age.

Once again, the purchase of Gi is not compulsory but definitely encouraged by the Young Samurai instructors

The Instructors

One of the unique aspects of what we do is the engagement on Junior Instructors in the tuition of Young Samurai classes.

Always overseen by an adult instructors, we find that periodically using Junior Instructors as part of the Learning process helps a young child relate to the teaching on a different level. In many cases developing a desire to become that Junior Instructors themselves, again providing yet another goal to work towards, albeit on a longer term basis.