Raj Soren

5th Dan, Tertiary fellow, Director Jitsu Foundation Juniors
Instructor and examiner, Promotions Panel member

Regional Sales Development  Manager for Global Pharmaceutical Company
Married to Jyoti for over 20 years, three children all involved With Ju Jitsu

The Soren family love Ju Jitsu. Ju jitsu is a massive part of our lives and has kept me fit and healthy as well very close to my family.

We work as team and train together at Bradford Jitsu club which I set up 2001. We have clubs in 5 different venues based in schools and community centre and have lots of fun as a family.

I started training back in 1984 at Manchester Polytechnic, under Sensei Jeff Thompson, and over the years won a number of competitions and ran a number of university clubs including Manchester, Salford Nottingham and Loughborough. In 2001 I moved to Bradford with a young family and was keen to set up a club for my children could train at. 13 years later we have been fortunate to have grown from a small club of 15 to 100 juniors and seniors.

It’s a great feeling to be able to see juniors and seniors develop their skills in ju jitsu and pass gradings. We have managed to have win 15 junior national and international competitions and trained in Canada, USA, Amsterdam and South Africa.

I am very proud of my families and club achievements as well as being Jitsu Foundation director for junior jitsu. Jyoti my wife manages all 5 of our clubs and is the life and soul of this family run club.

One of the recent proud moments was when I handed Suraj is senior black belt when he turned 18 .

Jyoti Soren

Club Manager

My involvement in Jitsu has been through the day to day running of the clubs in Bradford and as a parent watching my children grow through learning the art of Ju Jitsu.

As manager of the junior clubs I feel I am the liaison between the parents and the Sensei. I am able to deal with minor issues whilst the Sensei is able to concentrate on the teaching and vice a versa.

Through doing this I have made some really special friends and created a family like atmosphere in the club. As a result, one of really special moments for our clubs was when we won the Judo shield for the first time.

In addition, it is so heart-warming to see children push through challenges and achieve their belts and to know how much confidence they have gained.

As a parent, watching my children learn Ju Jitsu and seeing them develop into young able adults has been a joy in my life. The friendships they have made, the communication skills they have learnt and the confidence they have is priceless. And to top it all, they have good defence skills!
My Ju Jitsu world is an extended family to me, the children, the parents, the instructors and the whole ethos of the Jitsu culture is second to none.

Suraj Soren

1st Dan, Senior Primary

Beckfoot Club Instructor

I started Jiu Jitsu when I was 6 years old. I have used this martial art as a tool to gain the confidence; fitness and determination which has helped me achieve my academic, musical and sporting ambitions.

I’ve made many, strong long-term friendships nationally and internationally through Jiu Jitsu.Jiu jitsu has made me become more resilient as a person. It’s given me the confidence to face bullies, holding my own voice, being articulate in interviews, having humility and strong self-discipline.

Turning 18 and crossing over to the adult jitsu world has been an amazing experience. Holding a senior first dan and officially being called “Sensei” is a great feeling of success and responsibility. It’s a great feeling to know all my previous experience in teaching and training so far has been credited by the Jitsu foundation.

I am excited for the future; especially when I move to university to train with a new jitsuka family. I feel this martial art will always benefit me in life and will benefit me more and more as I continue to progress. I’m currently looking forward to my year out teaching the Beckfoot Jitsu club as my main club to develop the Adult and Junior Grades there but also teaching regional courses and competing in the senior competitions.

There’s been some amazing experiences in my Jitsu Career, but so far but one of my proudest moments was being awarded my junior second dan grade by the grading panel and Sensei Dave walker mentioning that I will be a great ambassador for the jitsu foundation in the future.

Chandni Soren

1st Dan, Senior Primary

Training since age 4

I started Jitsu at the age of 4 and am currently a black belt. I love Jitsu because of the friends I have made from all over the world, and our club feels like a family. I love fitness and competitive side of Jitsu as it has helped me to excel as an individual in other aspects of life such as school and other sports. I also really enjoy the teaching side of Jitsu as it has enabled me to gain confidence in myself and earn the respect of others, due to this I find it easy to do leadership rolls in school and be able to confidently communicate in front of a group.

2 years ago I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, this has not affected my performance in Jitsu at all. In fact it is due to this I am now more determined than ever to prove to myself and others that I am still fully capable of defending the grade I wear.

My proudest moment was the last atemi competition where I won a gold in the shodan category! My first ever gold in that competition and showed everyone and myself that I can still do it, and came back fighting harder than ever.

Everyone has been so supportive with my diabetes from the club and the instructors are very understanding.
My passion for Jitsu just grows every time I'm on the mat and I can't wait to travel and visit all the clubs round the world and learn more.

Lukhi Soren

Junior Black Belt

training since age 4

I like Jitsu because it's great that I can learn how to Defend myself. It's nice to have a club like Bradford Jitsu club because we are one big Jitsu family and Everyone respects what grade you are.

I'm much Younger than the adults at our club and I am a higher Grade than them and they still respect me for my brown belt. I have managed to make lots of friends At Jitsu in my club and clubs around the country.

I can be a sensei on the mat and off the mat be just Be friends off the mat. Most of my friends all come from Jitsu and some of them I have known them For years and still in touch with them now, so that's why I like Jitsu.